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Shaw’s Marriage

Shaw was hounded continuously by the press, as to his intentions towards Charlotte Payne-Townsend. ‘If he was going to marry her and – when?” Shaw, contrariwise revealed nothing, until the following announcement appeared in ‘THE STAR’.

“As a lady and gentleman were out driving in Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, yesterday, a heavy shower drove them to take shelter in the office of the Superintendent Registrar there, and in the confusion of the moment, he married them.

Shaws wife

The lady was an Irish Lady named Miss Payne-Townsend, and the gentleman was George Bernard Shaw.

Startling at the liberty taken by the Henrietta Street official, it turns out well. Miss Payne-Townsend is the Irish Lady with an income many times that which Corno di Bassetto used to earn, but to that happy man, being a vegetarian, the circumstance is of no importance. The lady is deeply interested in the London School of Economics. And that is the common ground on which the brilliant couple met. Years of married bliss to them.”